Me and my blog

This blog was first created in Blogspot when I was writing my Master’s Thesis: “Gameplay politics in Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Games”. I wanted to share all the brilliant things that I was learning about games, other virtual environments and the social media explosions that I kept bumping into in my research. So I started writing and I just loved it! Through blogging I’ve met so many interesting people! I’ve also managed to document my web surfing and thoughts about it better. And I love the way that writing can make me see my arguments a tad clearer.

But alas! After the Masters – too much time goes to a “serious” life – which means working for companies that pay for my research and thoughts. Separating the two has been difficult, so I haven’t been writing as much the last few years. But every now and then I get an urge to start writing again …. so stay tuned. ;)

This blog is dedicated to all my idealism, naivité and passions of the virtual worlds – games – future – technology politics – and just generally things that turn my mind on!


8 thoughts on “Me and my blog

  1. Hei Linn,

    Jeg driver et hobby web-tv prosjekt hvor Einar Holten og jeg har en “dataprat”. Programmet sendes direkte på mandager kl 21:30 og sendingene er tilgjengelig i video-arkivet etterpå, samt på lydpodcast (også iTunes)

    Jeg har fulgt deg en stund og finner masse interessant i det du skriver.

    Det hadde vært veldig gøy om du ville vært med på Skype video en gang. Innhold og lengde blir vi enige om.

    Jeg håper du er interessert og jeg ser jeg frem til å høre fra deg.

    Jan Espen Pedersen

  2. Klart jeg kan være med. Kan du bare sende meg litt info om hva du vil snakke om dagen før – så stiller jeg klart opp på Skype.

    Men kan vi vente et par uker?

  3. Hi Linn,
    Just came up on your site after googling morwegian hackerspace. You’re name was listed on Flattr, something about doing a hackerspace in Bergen.
    Any suggestions on building a hackerspace near Drammen?
    I came from the states 3 months ago and am really surprised at the lack of resources if you’re outside of Oslo.

  4. Hi Miguel!

    I’m going to send you an e-mail with some contact details that might be helpful.

    I’m also going to invite you to some forums that where you can enquire more.

    Thanks for getting in touch!


  5. Hi Linn,

    Ian Naysmith here, American originally. I am an English teacher at Røyken vgs. I am very interested in finding out about the happenings for the World Peace Game possibly happening in Oslo in Feb. If possible, I would love for some of my students to participate. :) Tusen takk. – Ian

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