Oh good golly I’m tired! Thankfully I work in a place that has as much coffee as I can drink. Last night I came home from work and just crashed on the couch – thinking the world, work, the future and especially – all things digital was just gonna have to wait till today.

I’ve found the logistics of organising a machinima event stressful. Since I don’t know what I’m on about most of the time, I get even more stressed. It seems everyone else is just laid back and doing their thing and silence just kills me! During the past few years I’ve become accustomed to feeling like an e-mail spammer – but I still get overly dramatic! How dare people have other things to do than help me – for free! So I creep into my apologetic default position “so sorry, so sorry” – which to be honest, is even annoying me now.

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My phone is lost forever!

So…dearest future employers checking out this blog – my phone number won’t be working until the weekend. I’ll give you a call tomorrow and we can set up an interview for monday afternoon!

Gorr – it’s fun to sound confident! Hehe

And machinima enthusiasts or artists (yes – that’s right – I hate the word machinimators – I call you machinima artist – deal with it) – just drop me an e-mail and I’ll get in touch!


You know, suprisingly I’m quite calm about the whole experience. I mean there are several numbers lost forever – or did I remember to upload them all to my computer? I can’t remember. Either way – it’s quite refreshing actually! Ofcourse a little bitter since I had updated memory a.s.o. But I’m not at all worried about the phone numbers, sms’, pictures or anything. I’m quite suprised by that. I guess it just feels like I’m about to start a new in some way! Anyways – just to let you know – I’m unavailable on the phone!

Have an absolutely brilliant day!

Second Life Coca Cola vending machine

“Not Coca Cola but the essence of Coca Cola” – well that’s branding for you. But it’s really well thought out and has to be one of the best commercial ventures into virtual worlds I’ve seen so far. They’ve really embraced the collaboration era and that has to be admired. Clearly understanding that avatars are “thirsty for experience” – I’m impressed. I’ll be eagerly monitoring their success. Although I was rather hopeful that there would be more “set your brand free to be played with” as discussed in the Building Businesses in Virtual Worlds panel at State of Play V. This seems to be more restricted ehm…gameplay? interaction? from what I can see. But I haven’t taken the time to experiment with them myself yet – so I really shouldn’t be too critical.

Some Machinima help, please?

Oh deary deary me!

Either my googling skills have turned to dust or I’ve never been good at it. I’m trying to find the source to animpinabox’s Dance World of Warcraft.

I can only find the YouTube video or Google – which will not do when showing stuff on the big screen! Anyone?

And the Village Elves which has been banned from YouTube – fooooooools!!! I can’t find it anywhere.

Any hey – you brilliant Machinima makers – some of you are a tad too shy and your contact details are impossible to find! Why? Are you hassled by people like me who want bigger and better quality files so much?

What else?

Oooh – yeah! I’m missing a film for our storytelling segment. The two I have are both in The Sims – any other good storytelling machinima that’s not from The Sims?

Other than that? COME!

Landmark, 9 pm – November 29th! Ooo – I’m nervous – excited and all over the place right now! Phew!