WoW Machinima music contest

Pointed out by my darling sis – there’s a contest going on for a WoW machinima music video. It’s a collaboration between the band, The Ataris and Blizzard. There’s three The Ataris songs available to choose from and the winner gets a WoW keyboard thingy.

I’m interested to see how this works out – on several playing fields.

One – what does machinima look like restricted by rules?

Two – will The Ataris become a smashing hit because of the machinima music video?

I’m intrigued – and I’ll be paying close attention!

WoW machinima’ish news

I’m sure this is no news to all the WoW’ers out there – but I found this “Gnomeregan Gnews Gnetwork” – looks like it’s been around for a while and as far as I can gather it’s actually made by Blizzard. I gotta say I’m impressed. News from Azeroth machinima broadcasting style. I found the humor a bit stressful – but that may be because I’m not a WoW’er.

Just a heads-up

  • Chris Bateman’s got a list of the nine basic player types discussion going on at his blog, Only A Game, which is very interesting – I’m always very tickled by the names people use to describe player types. He’s got the conqueror, manager, wanderer, participant, hoarder, zoner, juggernaut, monster and hotshot. The difficult thing about creating player types is that it becomes hard to distinguish between a play method and a player ‘type’, at least that’s what I found in my work. For example a conqueror may easily use one of a hoarder’s play method – but is not a hoarder because of it, she is still a conqueror. This confused me, but it seems Wise Mr. Bateman’s got a good handle on things – I’m looking forward to seeing what he comes up with. The really interesting part was the beginning of the post:

Below you will find descriptions of nine hypothetical player patterns that
I would expect to find by examining the gaming audience in terms of the
following three areas: Caillois’ patterns of play,
Agon, Alea, Mimicry
Ilinx, plus Ludus and Paidia. No study has ever been conducted on player attitudes to these patterns, and I believe it could be useful.
Emotions. Not just the ones Nicole Lazzaro reports in her Four Keys Model (which of course I adore), but all the emotions that might apply: Sadness/Agony, Anger, Surprise/Fear, Disgust/Contempt, Amusement, Contentment, Excitement/Relief, Wonder, Bliss, Fiero, Naches, Elevation, Gratitude, Schadenfreude, Guilt/Shame, Embarrassment, and Envy. Plus emotion-like behaviours such as Curiosity, Belonging and Greed. (See
here for more information). I expect to broadly validate the Four Keys model, strengthen the implied connection between Anger and Fiero, and demonstrate further connections previously unexplored such as Amusement outside of People Fun and Contentment as a key play emotion previously overlooked because of the method used for Four Keys. Skills (derived from Temperament Theory), namely Strategic, Tactical, Logistical and Diplomatic skill sets.

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Computer Gaming & Virtual Worlds Public Policy Workshop

Ren Reynolds is organising a think tank on public policy formation for computer gaming & virtual worlds in London on the 24th of May. This seems to be ‘the issue’ of the year, doesn’t it? As Ludium is “Video Games and Public Policy” and I’m sure more are being organised.
I really enjoy the wording in this description:

“The danger that faces society is that policies are formed based on a lack
of understanding and popularized framing of computer games as simply
‘addictive’, ‘dangerous’ or the one secret to the future of education. Such
characterizations do not lead to sound policy formation.”

We should really start considering doing something like this in Norway as well – it’s time. Maybe the IGDA chapter could organise something? Or Medietilsynet? It’s definitely high time for a public discussion about this issue. We’re such a public policy nation – it’s weird that gaming politics is mainly about slot machines – but then again – maybe I’m just not getting it.

Why did I resent Murdoch again?

I just read this article by Rupert Murdoch and I can’t help but be inspired that someone as powerful a media mogul as Murdoch gets what’s going on! I remember my first thought when he bought My Space was that he would ruin the medium with greed – but now – I’m not quite so sure!

Either way – I definitely recommend this article he wrote for Forbes. If only my own country’s media moguls could speak the same way! The cynicism is just massive over here. At least we have Eirik Solheim – and I take comfort in that!

Companies that take advantage of this new meaning of network and adapt to
the expectations of the networked consumer can look forward to a new golden age
of media. Far be it from me to suggest that either I or my company have all the
answers. No one does. But the future of media is a future of relentless
experimentation and innovation, accelerating change, and–for those who embrace
the new ways in which consumers are connecting with each other–enormous

Rupert Murdoch

Stolen from The Long Tail

BBC on goldfarming

I’m a big fan of the BBC! Here’s a nice little segment on how and why virtual currency in WoW has become so popular. I really like it because it gets to the heart of the matter and doesn’t dwell on the dramatic realization that people are using real money to buy virtual things. It’s really to the point – and I’m so glad that they included a Blizzard representative that could voice their concerns with RMT. Thanks sis for sending it to me!