Why did I resent Murdoch again?

I just read this article by Rupert Murdoch and I can’t help but be inspired that someone as powerful a media mogul as Murdoch gets what’s going on! I remember my first thought when he bought My Space was that he would ruin the medium with greed – but now – I’m not quite so sure!

Either way – I definitely recommend this article he wrote for Forbes. If only my own country’s media moguls could speak the same way! The cynicism is just massive over here. At least we have Eirik Solheim – and I take comfort in that!

Companies that take advantage of this new meaning of network and adapt to
the expectations of the networked consumer can look forward to a new golden age
of media. Far be it from me to suggest that either I or my company have all the
answers. No one does. But the future of media is a future of relentless
experimentation and innovation, accelerating change, and–for those who embrace
the new ways in which consumers are connecting with each other–enormous

Rupert Murdoch

Stolen from The Long Tail

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