Roo Reynolds – a must!

I’ve just watched Roo Reynold’s closing keynote at the ReLIVE08 (Researching Learning in Virtual Environments) conference and I’m just so smitten!

Firstly – you just have to be impressed that he came with nothing and worked through the entire conference by taking notes so he could sum up the whole conference as a closing keynote. That’s ballsy! What a gift for a conference!

Roo Reynolds is in charge of social media at the BBC (I think that’s a good way to sum it up), but he himself says: “I look after social media for BBC Vision, which is the TV bit (e.g. there are people with similar roles to mine in news, radio and the central ‘future media & technology’ teams, and I work closely with them)”. If you’re working with social media in any shape or form you have to follow Roo Reynold’s blog. He’s smart, reflective and a whole lot of fun!

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Life is beautiful

I’m just running through my feeds before I start cracking on some more “serious” blogsposts and I’ve caught myself muttering “How adorable – beautiful – incredible!” on several of the articles I’m reading – so thought I’d just share some of them here. I don’t know – perhaps its the beautiful weather that’s put me in the lovey dovey mood – either way – I’m having an incredibly lucious Sunday!

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3D thoughts on Machinima

For this years Bergen Machinima Night we were honoured by a visit from Dr. Tracy Harwood who had a fascinating presentation about what machinima is, where it is going and why.

Morten Kvamme (curator at Landmark) and I had dinner with Tracy before the event and I think we were both charmed , inspired and bedazzled. Midway through the dinner Morten observed that the three of us had different angles of interest with Machinima, hence our collective intelligence makes up a 3D perspective.

I’m focused on gameplay functioning as narrative, Tracy on the tribe culture and Morten’s interested in Game Art.

Needless to say, I was elevated to some cloud up up up – way beyond consciousness.

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