3D thoughts on Machinima

For this years Bergen Machinima Night we were honoured by a visit from Dr. Tracy Harwood who had a fascinating presentation about what machinima is, where it is going and why.

Morten Kvamme (curator at Landmark) and I had dinner with Tracy before the event and I think we were both charmed , inspired and bedazzled. Midway through the dinner Morten observed that the three of us had different angles of interest with Machinima, hence our collective intelligence makes up a 3D perspective.

I’m focused on gameplay functioning as narrative, Tracy on the tribe culture and Morten’s interested in Game Art.

Needless to say, I was elevated to some cloud up up up – way beyond consciousness.

Dr. Tracy Harwood’s talk
I’m so gutted that I didn’t take notes during the talk, because I’m not certain I can do it justice now. But I think I’ll ask Tracy for her PP slides and see if I can sum it up from there. I had the honour of spending time with Dr. Harwood the day after and I’m having a hard time differentiating between the presentation and what we talked about after.My thoughts are filled with fun stuff to write about.

I really need to start learning from past mistakes and take pictures and take more notes! Thank you to all who came! We were just over 30 people in the audience – which we’re pleased with because I didn’t have a lot of time on my hands to do much advertising this year. There were some keen expressions in the audience, which was lovely to see. And of course a lot of friends who I love and adore. So thanks for coming!

International Machinima Festival in Bergen?
HavingTracy Harwood here was both an honour and such an inspirational force. She’s pretty much convinced me that I should go straight ahead and start planning an International Machinima Festival here in Bergen. So I guess that will be my life for a while, now – and also my next blogpost.

But for now Thank You Tracy Harwood for coming and giving us insight into the machinima world and of course inspiration to continue to build something bigger. And Bergen Kunsthall/Landmark who’ve been so generous, it’s just so cool that they’re interested in this!

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