Having fun with words

So … I’ve been writing a lot lately. I’ve started this thing where I’m writing a sentence a day and I’m having a great time with it. Somedays are torture, however, so it’s good to just limit myself to a sentence – other days it just flows out of me. I’ve chosen a topic that I know and is too personal for me to share on da tubes, right now (which means eventually I probably will). But I’ve been thinking back on the time that I most enjoyed myself playing with words – for a lot of reasons really – and thought about a poem (or I don’t know what to call it) I wrote for my youngest nephew and thought I’d share it here.

Zakabing-ting king

“Da da doo da da bing” so went the Kazing
“Gezundheit” said the Kabing when the Kazing started to sing.
“Da da doo da da bing” repeated the Kazing
“Why must you always sing with a ring?”
“Zapa do dee the ring can sing
When I become Zakabing-ting’s king
King I must be before I can sing
Magical words that will give me a wing”
Kabing puzzled over Kazing’s thing
That ruled the kingdom of Zakabing-ting
He wondered why there must be such  ringa-ting-ding
over such a ring zing that made a king sing

“Ping!” said the Kazing “And now I am Zakbing-ting’s king.
Zapa do dee, da da doo, da da bing” sang the king with the ring
“Bring the thing zing that will cling with the wing!”
Kabing brought the thing zing
And let it cling with the living wing fling
“Zapa do dee, da da doo, da da bing sing
Let the wing cling to the thing zing and the king sing with the ring ping!”
And so it was that Zakabing-ting’s king flew with the wing.

Goarr – writing’s fun!! Specially just playing around and making very little sense!

Reservoir Dogs Marketing Campaign

I’m glad I’m alone here right now and no serious students around trying to study! I just had one of my surfing breaks from my hellish monstrosity and was introduced to the Reservoir Dogs Game ads!!! I love them!!! I’m sorry – I know they’re crude and all that….but I’m certainly smitten!!!
Aleks at the Guardian Games Blog asks if it isn’t illegal to use kids to promote something “that would give broadcast output an 18+ rating”? That’s an interesting question actually! How exactly are broadcasting regulations and the internet combined?! Ooooohhh!!! This would be a great subject for a Master’s thesis!!! Although I’m sure it’s already been written a lot about….seems so familiar…yet I cannot remember what the law is! Must restrain myself from searching for the info – MUST FINISH, MUST FINISH!!!

Anyways! Hope you enjoy them just as much as I did!

What’s the point of having a blog if I don’t share?

I’ve noticed that my del.icio.us’ing has minimized my blogging immensley! And I have way too many posts that I haven’t finished yet! Sometimes I just don’t post stuff because I’m sure EVERYONE’S informed from somewhere else, which is the case with this lovely coke ad! I didn’t want to like it, but I think it’s just beautiful!!!! I’m gonna see if I can tidy things up this week and get some of these unfinished posts out, blog the stuff tagged ‘toblog’ – and then there’s THE WORK!

WoW Dancing

Well, The Gathering 2006 is over and now those of us who weren’t there can enjoy the recorded gems! Check out the World of Warcraft dance-off!!! You just gotta admire the man dancing like the female night elf!! I just thought that was admirable!

But I gotta tell ya! I was out this weekend and I’m quite certain that a few of the men on the dance floor were definitely WoW inspired! It was quite amusing to see actually! Funny to see humans acting like their avatars!

via Watching World of Warcraft!

Computer Game violence is fun!!

So I’ve been rather social the last few days! It was very odd and also extremely weird to talk to people who didn’t know what FPS is or even Wikipedia for that matter (can you imagine?). It’s good to get out every now and then amongst ‘normal’ people, helps me put some things into perspective and also reminds me that there are other things going on in the world that aren’t necessarily ‘connected’!
But there’s one thing that always gets me, though! No matter which generation I’m talking to, when I mention that I’m looking at computer games (yeah…I simplify for the ‘normal’ people) I always seem to get the exact same comment: “The thing that gets me about these games is that they’re so violent! Why do they have to be so violent!” – and well, I’ve tried explaining that violence is fun, but I always get apprehensive looks when I go into detail about how fun it is to blast off your guns and see blood splattered all over! The freedom and the glory of torturing pixelated people in the most violent manner you can think of! Of sitting here frantically banging on your keyboard and screaming “Die you MF! DIE!!” followed by an evil laugh as this task has been accomplished!!! Oh the joy!!!

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