Halloween Pumpkin Stencils

Hehe!!! These are just brilliant!!! Stencils for your Halloween game character pumpkins! Sometimes I wish we were more into Halloween here! But now it just seems stupid to bring the tradition into our lives. Which I find sad – I guess I’m just an eager consumer! I want the money hungry industries to decide what I should celebrate and make up nice holidays for me to enjoy!!! ;) I think I’m gonna get myself some horror movies tonight! Or should I focus on getting a game? Maybe F.E.A.R.?!

In the spirit of Halloween and all…

TechEBlog has a YouTube video which lists the top ten 10 Scariest Video Games – I’ve hardly played any of them – but then again, I spook really easily!!!

Huh…wouldn’t this be a really cool think to do on Tuesday? Gather a few people and play scary computer games in the dark?