Yesterday UiB hosted the “New Aesthetic Technologies Conference”, which I really would have loved to attend! Firstly because I really want to know what my (?) university department thinks about aesthetics and new media – because I’m not sure I know. Two years ago (good golly – has it been that long?) – the brilliant Rune Klevjer put together a conference called “The Aesthetics of Play” – it’s just such an excellent title, don’t you think?
Look what I found!!

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The Language thing and some heavy duty rambling on time management issues!

I woke up this morning with an intense desire to blog – so at this writing moment I’m thinking today is going to be a great day!

I think absolutely everyone in my social network has been hassled with hard questions like “How do you translate game mechanics to Norwegian?”. So many excellent suggestions, but I never seem to be satisfied. I’m not happy with the direct translation which would be spillmekanikk. I’ve been trying to write some articles for the mainstream media and at the moment half of the articles I’ve written have been published. I’m quite chuffed and proud about that. Firstly because the content isn’t always considered newsworthy and second – I’m no freakin journalist!

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World of Warcraft Dashboard Picture, anyone?

Does anyone have a really cool WoW dashboard picture they wouldn’t mind me using for an article (that I’m not sure is EVER going to be published) in the local Bergen press?
I’m really looking for a dashboard so advanced that you hardly see what’s happening in-world. One of those where there’s so much information the interface becomes 2 dimensional instead of 3. I’m kinda trying to prove the point that there’s a lot of information management that goes into playing WoW.