Having fun with words

So … I’ve been writing a lot lately. I’ve started this thing where I’m writing a sentence a day and I’m having a great time with it. Somedays are torture, however, so it’s good to just limit myself to a sentence – other days it just flows out of me. I’ve chosen a topic that I know and is too personal for me to share on da tubes, right now (which means eventually I probably will). But I’ve been thinking back on the time that I most enjoyed myself playing with words – for a lot of reasons really – and thought about a poem (or I don’t know what to call it) I wrote for my youngest nephew and thought I’d share it here.

Zakabing-ting king

“Da da doo da da bing” so went the Kazing
“Gezundheit” said the Kabing when the Kazing started to sing.
“Da da doo da da bing” repeated the Kazing
“Why must you always sing with a ring?”
“Zapa do dee the ring can sing
When I become Zakabing-ting’s king
King I must be before I can sing
Magical words that will give me a wing”
Kabing puzzled over Kazing’s thing
That ruled the kingdom of Zakabing-ting
He wondered why there must be such  ringa-ting-ding
over such a ring zing that made a king sing

“Ping!” said the Kazing “And now I am Zakbing-ting’s king.
Zapa do dee, da da doo, da da bing” sang the king with the ring
“Bring the thing zing that will cling with the wing!”
Kabing brought the thing zing
And let it cling with the living wing fling
“Zapa do dee, da da doo, da da bing sing
Let the wing cling to the thing zing and the king sing with the ring ping!”
And so it was that Zakabing-ting’s king flew with the wing.

Goarr – writing’s fun!! Specially just playing around and making very little sense!

The Story

I can’t believe it! Tomorrow night I’m off to London to attend The Story on Friday! I am soooo looking forward to it – and I’m just soooo hungry for someinspiration. And just the name “The Story” inspires me to start writing and creating!

The Story will be a celebration of everything that is wonderful, inspiring and awesome about stories, in whatever medium possible. We’re hoping to have stories that are written, spoken, described, enacted, whispered, projected, orchestrated, performed, printed – whatever form stories come in, we hope to have them here.

I hope so too!

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Girl Geek Dinner

I’m organising a Girl Geek Dinner this year. Last year I organised an Ada Lovelace Day Dinner – although – saying that I “organised” it implies that I actually did any work. I really didn’t – I just told all the women I admire “hey – wouldn’t it be cool for all of us to meet up for dinner one day?” and just picked a date. Ada Lovelace Day seemed like a great opportunity. This year – I’ll be on the plane to Chicago on the 24th – so I thought it a good a day as any – to organise an event on the International Women’s Day.

This year – we’ve got something resembling a theme. I felt that finding a common theme was challenging – and suddenly I thought about the Interesting conference which I learned about after reading the fabulous Roo Reynold’s blogpost. I was so smitten by the context, and thought that was rather geeky of me. So of course? How do you define a girl geek? You really don’t – except I find that girl geeks always get enthusiastic about something interesting. Something you’d like to learn more about. And it’s always such a joy to listen to someone who is passionately interested in something. And I think girl geeks, are always passionately interested in something that is interesting. So the theme is “An interesting Girl Geeks Dinner on International Women’s Day”. We’ll be picking out 3 girl geeks to give a 10 minute talk each on something they find interesting before dinner – and then 3 after dinner. I’ve booked a room at the back of a restaurant – Wesselstuen, to be exact – and you’re more than welcome to come!

There’s a Facebook group here. If you’re in Bergen on the 8th of March, please do join us!

Spillpikene and I are collecting used games for youths with cancer

A while back I read about this gorgeous room that was built at my local hospital. It’s a room for youths fighting cancer (plea

se note that they categorise youths as those aged between 15 and 35 – this pleased me so) to hang out and escape their everyday ordeals.

So for those who don’t know, I’m also blogging at another site in Norwegian called Spillpikene. I’ve blogged about them here before – but we didn’t start blogging together until spring 2009. Well – I say blogging – but I have to admit that I’ve been a slowpokey there as well, the girls have been good at keeping it alive.

Anyhow – I decided that it would be cool if Spillpikene and I started a drive to collect used games that have meant a lot to people in times of turmoil. Let’s face it – games help us escape – and by golly life needs escaping at times! And some games have helped us through hard ordeals and I wanted people to donate a game that helped them through a hard time. Of course loads of people thought this was a brilliant idea – but I have yet to receive a single one.

Why yes – I’m extremely disappointed. Spillpikene and I have, however, donated Playstation 2, Buzz handsets, 2 Buzz games and some more. Electronic Arts has also given a generous donation and Nintendo has donated a Wii. So it’s not all bad – I’m just wanting more!

So please – if you have a used game to help someone going through a hellish fight – send it to:

Linn Søvig
Aad Gjellesgate 12
5036 Bergen

Board games are definitely welcome as well!  And please do remember that we’re in Europe and under the zone 2 restrictions!