Spillpikene and I are collecting used games for youths with cancer

A while back I read about this gorgeous room that was built at my local hospital. It’s a room for youths fighting cancer (plea

se note that they categorise youths as those aged between 15 and 35 – this pleased me so) to hang out and escape their everyday ordeals.

So for those who don’t know, I’m also blogging at another site in Norwegian called Spillpikene. I’ve blogged about them here before – but we didn’t start blogging together until spring 2009. Well – I say blogging – but I have to admit that I’ve been a slowpokey there as well, the girls have been good at keeping it alive.

Anyhow – I decided that it would be cool if Spillpikene and I started a drive to collect used games that have meant a lot to people in times of turmoil. Let’s face it – games help us escape – and by golly life needs escaping at times! And some games have helped us through hard ordeals and I wanted people to donate a game that helped them through a hard time. Of course loads of people thought this was a brilliant idea – but I have yet to receive a single one.

Why yes – I’m extremely disappointed. Spillpikene and I have, however, donated Playstation 2, Buzz handsets, 2 Buzz games and some more. Electronic Arts has also given a generous donation and Nintendo has donated a Wii. So it’s not all bad – I’m just wanting more!

So please – if you have a used game to help someone going through a hellish fight – send it to:

Linn Søvig
Aad Gjellesgate 12
5036 Bergen

Board games are definitely welcome as well!  And please do remember that we’re in Europe and under the zone 2 restrictions!

Yay!!!! Machinima!!!!

I was honoured by receiving this link to a really unique Machinima film yesterday that basically challenged my definition of Machinima! Don’t you just love definition challenges?! Anyways…it’s really cool and the effects are astounding!
It’s by Anders Adler Simonsen (why yes! That is a Norwegian name – wooo hooo!!) who writes:

“Machinima made with the modified video of the Playstation1 game Driver2. The game had an in-game editor where camera angles could be adjusted on the previously recorded game play.
The video signal has later been put through a fuzzbox originally used for guitars and synchronized with a feedbacked organ. Music made in collaboration with Ola Andersbakken.”

What an unique, experimental and adventurous mind! So please enjoy, Fuzz!