Yay!!!! Machinima!!!!

I was honoured by receiving this link to a really unique Machinima film yesterday that basically challenged my definition of Machinima! Don’t you just love definition challenges?! Anyways…it’s really cool and the effects are astounding!
It’s by Anders Adler Simonsen (why yes! That is a Norwegian name – wooo hooo!!) who writes:

“Machinima made with the modified video of the Playstation1 game Driver2. The game had an in-game editor where camera angles could be adjusted on the previously recorded game play.
The video signal has later been put through a fuzzbox originally used for guitars and synchronized with a feedbacked organ. Music made in collaboration with Ola Andersbakken.”

What an unique, experimental and adventurous mind! So please enjoy, Fuzz!

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