Happy Birthday, sis!

It’s my sister’s birthday today and I just wanted to give her a little public shout and hug!

Christin blogs about her WoWing and a whole lot of other great stuff – at Misc.
In fact -my sister has managed to create one of those healthy gaming family settings that you always wish you heard more about.
Christin is also involved somehow with The Slash 2 Podcast.
I adore my sister. Smart as hell and lustful for life!
Happy 29th birthday, sis!

Being recognised by a stranger

So extremely weird standing at the bus stop freezing my butt off in the frost of the morning at 7 am and have somebody come up to me and ask “You work for BTV right?” – “Uhm – no.” “But I’m sure I saw you there” – “Well, I was interviewed on that show MM a few weeks back”. And then…well…all interest was lost. A disappointed “oh yeah” and then off they went again. The word ‘machinima’ wasn’t uttered once. And it seems working for a tv station is much more rock starish than being a guest. So what’s the point of being recognised if my message never came across?! At least the stranger could have remember games and film! Utterly disappointed!


Oh good golly I’m tired! Thankfully I work in a place that has as much coffee as I can drink. Last night I came home from work and just crashed on the couch – thinking the world, work, the future and especially – all things digital was just gonna have to wait till today.

I’ve found the logistics of organising a machinima event stressful. Since I don’t know what I’m on about most of the time, I get even more stressed. It seems everyone else is just laid back and doing their thing and silence just kills me! During the past few years I’ve become accustomed to feeling like an e-mail spammer – but I still get overly dramatic! How dare people have other things to do than help me – for free! So I creep into my apologetic default position “so sorry, so sorry” – which to be honest, is even annoying me now.

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My sister enters the world of blogging

My darling sis has started blogging! She’s always been the hardcore gamer of our family and offers some interesting stories from her WoWing. A few weeks in and she’s already in Cerise writing about the frustrations of being a non-stereotypical gamer customer.

She’s also an avid reader and offers her thoughts on the recent books she’s read.

Welcome to the world, Strumpet (honestly…I have no idea where this nic comes from).

So here’s an interesting dilemma!

I’m a terrible sister!! My sister’s birthday is tomorrow and I STILL haven’t found her a gift! She lives in Australia and I’ve been surfing around for a couple of days trying to find something VERY modest for my student budget. There’s a few options out there that seem modest…but the cost is so much more!
So…my sister is an eager WoW’er…and I’m wondering….how unethical would it be for me to buy her a gift certificate for virtual goods?