Bow Street Runners

Congrats to Channel 4’s Public Broadcast Gaming initiative! And Alice Taylor!

I just tried Bow Street Runners and by golly it’s amazing! I really enjoyed it! It’s really good lookin’ and even educational! Which seems to be the point of Public Broadcast Gaming – creating games that educate. For example – I didn’t know gin had such a societal impact on London in the 18th century. I learned that just by clicking on a bottle – they called it Madame Geneva. So after the game episode I looked it up and listened to a BBC podcast on the subject – apparently it was a female craze. Really interesting!
The game is in unison with the Channel 4 series, City of Vice, which I ofcourse aim to see now that I’ve played the first episode of the game!

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Mauvais Rôle – excellent game animation film

This is just gorgeous! Not machinima but animation short, although its focus is very true to the machinima spirit. The whole existential crisis of an avatar and the mash-up of computer game culture! It’s really really great! Thanks Marianne for giving me a heads-up!