I always get such a thrill when I see new gaming innovation from Norway – and this time they’re even from beautifully gorgeous Bergen!

These three Bergenese lads have designed a homebrew game for PSP, which I sadly do not own – so someone else will have to judge it. It’s called Kosmodrones and is downloadable for free!!!!

There’s a trailer – and a podcast. Looks great!

(via IT-Avisen)

Accessibility In Virtual Worlds

BBC reports that IBM has designed a device that gives 3D sound “to create a sense of space” for the blind to be able to enter virtual worlds.

“Characters in the virtual world can have a “sonar” attached to them so that the user gets audible cues to alert them to when they are approaching, from which direction and how near they are. “

That’s just so cool!

Community Guidelines

I really enjoyed reading (via Raph Koster) Scott Hartsman’s “Beta Community Guidelines”. It was originally written for the Everquest II Beta in 2004 – but I think a lot is relevant now as well. In fact, I don’t think these rules apply just to MMORPGs – I think any online community would be smart in developing the same…I’m more inclined to use a word such as ethics and morals, than guidelines, but ok.