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It’s Friday, I’m at work, I’m tired and I just want the weekend to begin!!! Via Guardian Gamesblog useless entertainment has been provided to let the minutes pass more quickly! My Space banner games! They’re not really that fun! But I just HAVE to get through them all! Ti hi! What an excuse to not write anything of any value! ;)

Western vs. Eastern gamers!

This just desserved to be blogged about and not just’ed! Aleks at Guardian’s gameblog has posted a great piece about the ‘Cultural Differences in Gameland’. It focuses a lot about the differences between Eastern and Western gamers. She mentions a hell of a lot I didn’t know about. Like the fact that we don’t get so much ‘gore’ because of Germany’s strict rules. And there’s an excellent quote from Ren discussing Prof Rischard Nisbett’s findings:

“Another point that Nisbett makes is that Westerners tend to assume
linearity but Asians assume circularity. For example he gave in a recent
interview was a stable set of circumstances a Westerner will tend to think that
this signified a trend and that things will continue in the same fashion but an
Asian will tend to think that it is indicative of the potential for change and
ultimate return to some pre-existing state.”

Well that explains a whole bunch to me! The whole article is interesting! You truely should have a look!!!