My phone is lost forever!

So…dearest future employers checking out this blog – my phone number won’t be working until the weekend. I’ll give you a call tomorrow and we can set up an interview for monday afternoon!

Gorr – it’s fun to sound confident! Hehe

And machinima enthusiasts or artists (yes – that’s right – I hate the word machinimators – I call you machinima artist – deal with it) – just drop me an e-mail and I’ll get in touch!


You know, suprisingly I’m quite calm about the whole experience. I mean there are several numbers lost forever – or did I remember to upload them all to my computer? I can’t remember. Either way – it’s quite refreshing actually! Ofcourse a little bitter since I had updated memory a.s.o. But I’m not at all worried about the phone numbers, sms’, pictures or anything. I’m quite suprised by that. I guess it just feels like I’m about to start a new in some way! Anyways – just to let you know – I’m unavailable on the phone!

Have an absolutely brilliant day!

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