Halo 2 players BEWARE!!!

I’ve stumbled on to a few oddities when it comes to gaming lately. I’ve noticed Dungeons and Dragons gets a lot of heat both by Christians and of all weird things, the Israeli army. I suppose it doesn’t really suprise me that things and meanings are being read into games, after all, I grew up in the ‘play music backwards and kill yourself’ age, I’m kinda used to it. But I had to have a nice little chuckle when Watercoolergames introduced me to another gaming aspect the Christian fundamentalists are baptising themselves into. Yes! Preaching in online games. And when you first realize what an amazing channel to evangelize through, why not pick Halo 2!!! Yes!! I’m sure they’ll reach a lot of trigger happy satanic kids in the middle of playing war and will definately convince them to lay down their weapons and join the power of the Lord! It looks like it may become a good old fashioned good vs. evil fight!! I wonder how long they’ll be able to continue!
Ha ha ha ha!!!! I’m sorry but seriously(?):

“Here, the article goes into detail on Jesus as the
hero in the Bible, analogous to the hero of Halo 2.
“Jesus came to this planet to save the planet
from a group much worse than
the Covenant (the aliens) and from a” fate much worse
than physical death”

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