Doormouse not doorman

Right! So all of you who are observant and wondered why I’ve changed the blogname (not that I think anyone actually reads this blog), I have to thank Peter S. Jenkins for noting it out to me. Extremely embarrassing because I was only asking his permission to carry a link to one of his papers, and he so generously pointet it out to me!!! So that’s it, looks like I’ll have to read Alice in Wonderland again! But thank you very much for your observation Mr. Jenkins!!! :-)

And for those of you cursious as to why I’ve written so many posts today; well! I’m working. As a reseptionist, and let me tell you something, there is a reason why receptionists always look bored and are constantly tending to their nails. It is very boring work indeed, which should leave me plenty of studying time, perfect part time job, I guess!!!

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