So you thought TV was destroying your productivity?

Well let me just tell you that that’s absolute crap!!! My tv died a dramatic death during Easter and my productivity and sleep have actually deteriorated. There’s nothing else to do but involve myself with cyberspace, or worse, get involved in books!!! And reading isn’t all it’s cracked up to be!! You can’t sit and read at the same time as eating (well, with great difficulty), you can’t tidy your messy desk, you can’t make food, you can’t read a newspaper while reading, you can’t chat, you can’t talk on the phone; all of which were lovely things you could do while watching tv. But now?! I’m so involved with a book and it’s so exciting, so I cannot go to bed until I’ve read the next chapter, I cannot meet my friends until I’ve read the next chapter, and I CERTAINLY cannot do anything else but lay on my couch and read!! Not to mention the hours I spend infront of the computer!!! When before I would wind down infront of the tv when I came home, I now attach myself to cyberspace for entertainment and before I know it it’s 6.30 a.m.!!! Not good for my sleep or work schedule!!! So whoever told you that tv slowed down productivity is clearly lying!!! Things get much worse without!!!

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