Gamers democrats?

I’ve played TSO for 4 months now. It wasn’t until my tv broke in April that I really got into it. Since then….I’ve had some very interesting conversations with other players. The population of the city, Alphaville is about 80% Americans (figure taken off the top of my head). My advisor and I had a conversation about how I could force governmental policy out of the game and came to the conclusion that I should be a griefer and see what happened to me….if the residents themselves took action or if MAXIS would inetervene. I thought a great way to do this was to throw lots of dirt in the Sims air about Bush. Now, I never could bring myself to grief. To me it was like standing in the middle of the town square shouting abuse at other people, I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.
Now I understand that my master plan would never have worked either. Most TSO players can’t stand Bush! In fact, I don’t think I’ve met anyone that actually likes him or are Republican for that matter! And the conversation comes up very often, even without me initiating it. It makes me wonder if most gamers are democrats. Just an interesting observation I thought I’d share with whoever actually bothers to read this blog! I would love to investigate it further.
I have also noticed, however, that just because Americans are democrats, doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re open minded about the rest of the world or races for that matter!

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