The good side of MAXIS

Now…it’s no secret that my thesis will be pretty much MAXIS bashing about dictatorial rule and the designers not realizing that they have a political role in the game a.s.o. But today I learned that MAXIS actually does some nice things as well. This weekend for example, they’re letting us run around skilling and making money as much as we want without having to worry about our Sim’s needs (hunger, bladder, energy a.s.o). Very considerate and nice of them, I think. Too bad I’ll be away at a wedding this weekend, so I can’t reek the benefits of it.
I also learned that when you’re played for two years you receive a Mystery Tree, which is worth a few million simoleons.
Which also got me thinking of something else. Very many of these players have played for a long time! Ever since beta in September 2002. Now, they’re pretty much maxed on their skills and worth quite a lot of money. When there’s nothing left to spend all the money on, what is MAXIS going to do, I wonder. Delete and start over? No, that would cause an uproar!

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