Writers block

Ok! So now Dagbladet has managed to write what I’ve been struggling to figure out the last two months. How to sum up the whole virtual gaming world. Although the journalist, Bente Kalsnes has an interesting take on the whole situation which she’s apperantly gotten from Julian Dibbell. According to the article sex is played in online gaming worlds when there’s nothing better to do, which is pretty bogus if you ask me.
But anyways…very annoying that she managed to write this summary before me! I’ve realised that I’ve involved myself way too much in what everyone’s writing that I’m having difficulty stepping back and having an objective view of the whole situation.
To me it just seems ridiculous to even discuss the whole ‘it’s just a game’ discussion, cause we all seem to agree. I had to suffer through several pages of such arguments by reading the DIGRA 2005 papers (as if I will ever manage to read them all!). And I guess I just got bored with the whole ‘the experience is real, it’s much more than a game…blah blah blah), which is sad, cause I still haven’t written anything about it in my thesis (I swear, my advisor must hate me!). So I suppose it’s true what they say about keeping things simple! Cause the more I read the more confused I get….and the more convinced I get that I know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!

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