I’m not a professional…….yet!

I was trying to get into the whole narratologist vs. ludologist discussion the other day and ended up just pulling my hair. I called a good friend and mock weepingly cried “I can’t keep up with these academics! They keep writing and writing and lecturing and attending conferances and blogging and blogging….it’s extremely difficult for a mere masters student to keep up with them!!! Well….at least this Masters student! And my good darling friend (I have the best friends) told me to calm down and take a few breaths and realize that I’m not a professional yet! I can’t know about everything…yet! I need to focus on getting what I want so I can write my thesis….less is more….and all that!
And I’ve realised that it is so true! Soooo off I go to write!!

In case you’re wondering….I’ve started as a receptionist in conservative shipping environment and things are so quiet that I can study and blog! So basically I’m just using this blog to preserve some of the thoughts and ideas I have while here, so I can start writing when I come home (No! I’m not buying a bottle of wine and having a social life this sunny friday evening…NEVER….LOL!)!

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