The Edge

I’m just having a day full of wonderful discoveries (yes….avoiding things I really should be doing, of course)! I’ve discovered The Edge and I can’t believe I haven’t noticed it before!!!! It’s amazing! They have a theory of a third culture, combining intellectuals (or literary scholars) and scientists…..this is reminding me so much of what’s going on academically in Game Studies. But this site is just amazing!!! They’ve got Kevin Kelly answering the question of “Can computers achieve everything the human mind can achieve?” with “Computers can’t, but the children of computers will!” And then there’s a guy called Richard Foreman who runs a theater called ‘Ontological-Hysteric Theater’ contributing as well!!! Isn’t that just the most fabulous name for a theater….definately want to go there some day!
But yeah….very cool site…and I dare to say that they’re all futurists and are trying to discuss topics across whatever spectrums. Fascinating thoughts and some really interesting members of, what they call, “The Reality Club” (I just love cyber nerd humor!!!!). Definately worth a visit…it may get a bit too technological and scientific for me at times, but that’s ok! I’m learning aren’t I?

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