The Long Now

“The Golden Age of dead media, most of them with the working lifespan of a pack of Twinkies!” – Bruce Sterling

I found these words on a fascinating new website I found. Well….Ren Reynolds mentioned it when contemplating cyberlife after rl death

It’s the Clock of the Long Now

Absolutely fascinating!!! Unfortunately…I drank a bit too much wine last night, so my head isn’t working as it should be and I need to read through the site a few times to figure out what the hell it’s all about! But DEFINATELY media theory related and quite technological deterministic as well!
Either way fascinating. It’s basically about how digitization is ruining our future! And, in my hung over opinion, they’re saying that the digital world has maybe made it easier to document information but not to preserve it properly. And without history, how can you have a future? Oh hell!! Just enter the site…believe me, it’s fascinating!
“When I was a child, people used to talk about what would happen by the year 2000. For the next thirty years they kept alking about what would happen by the year 2000, and now no one mentions a future date at all. The future has been shrinking by one year per year for my entire life. I think it is time for us to satrt a long-term project that gets people thinking past the mental barrier of an ever shortening future. I would like to propose a large (think Stonehenge) mechanical clock, powered by seasonal temperature changes. It ticks once a year, bongs once a century, and the cuckoo comes out every millennium!” – Daniel Hillis

And they’re actually doing it!!!!! They’re building this clock! Amazing….!

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