Children of the revolution

(Trying something new here, writing then adding links, so if you read this before…sorry…links coming soon)Being brought up in the ‘music needs parental guidance’ era, I’m quite amused and touched that so many gamers are logging on and protesting about the dreaded Jack Thompson. I’m also thinking that the music censorship that my generation encountered enraged us so fiercely that we feel for these kids (or of course that we’re still kids anyway). I read a really good article Duke Ferris in Game Evolution that reminded me of this!
I remember the frustration of being told that I couldn’t listen to Judas Priest, cause as a kid, I was so stupid that I would kill myself, at least that’s what people like Nancy Reagan were telling me (my parents trusted me). So I’m now wondering if these kids are being heard. Are they just being ignored cause they’re under 18, and have no right to an opinion, or I guess I should say, right to vote?
They are vocal! They’re very vocal, indeed and they’re angry! I actually spent time reading a blog where lots had been lashed out to Jack Thompson, (introduced to me by Dagbladet) and it was definately worth the read. And I’ve been cruising around different blogs and also talking to a few under 18s in TSO.
I have to come with a BUT, however. Firstly….I understand their frustration and their anger, and I love that we live in an age where blogging exists and they can vent out their feelings and find others to discuss them with. But I don’t think this is the way to reach the Jack Thompsons and Hillary Clintons of the world, they will never take them seriously or in fact listen! So here’s what I’m thinking….should we try and form an organisation for gamers? An organisation that can do their own lobbying in government? An organisation that fights for the right to play? Leak all the positive stories about gaming to the press, participate in intellectual debate, get senators in our pockets? I’m sure there are plenty of lobbyists for the gaming industry…but what about gamers…don’t they have rights too?

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