Commercial gaming in games

BBC Technology reports that US bank Wells Fargo has created a game within Second Life to teach about saving or something. They quote Well Fargo’s chief marketing officer Sylvia Reynolds saying “the aim was to reach young people who were leaving home and becoming financially independent for the first time”. I’m not sure what to think of this….I’m sure it’s a good thing for those of us looking for funding for research….but what will all this mean with the evolution of games?
It is still a choice to play or not, I suppose. But it has to be a bloody fabulous game for these ‘young people’ to actually go there, and answering trivia about financing (which is what the game is based on) just doesn’t seem to have the luring appeal. Very typical adult to children game design that is just a waste of time, in my opinion. But…I haven’t seen the game yet…so I really shouldn’t say anything.
I honestly can’t decide if this is a trend I wish expands or if this is the end of all MMORPGs as we know it….there will be advertisements crawling all over the place!! Urgh!

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