MIT + Microsoft = The love of the game

MIT’s Technology Review reports that the number of Computer Science students is dropping and academics are looking to gaming software to lure them back.
I was very suprised when the article continues to mention projects such as Alice (just when I think I know it all – Wonderland comes back to bite me in the ass). I suppose it’s not exactly a game, but it’s a program that teaches computer programing in a very fun way. Now…I’m no computer programer, infact I’m way too technologically dyslexic to even have a blog, so I’m not sure I understand what they’re on about. It seems like fun however, and maybe I’ll have a crack at it myself, and come one step closer to attaining my nerd license.

Note: I’m at work right now and I’m soooo freakin’ bored…so excuse the excess use of words and not in the least opinions…I’ll come back and delete and edit a bit later, make it more pleasing to read this pile of crap.

So, depending on your definition of game (for is not a game fun while learning patterns and puzzles a.s.o), this isn’t one…but it has inspired others to start using games to teach programming. Ofcourse, Microsoft has a splendid financial initiativ; “rewrite computer science around something everyone knows students like: computer games.” Microsoft’s given $480,000 to universities encouraging using computer gaming software to learn programming techniques.

Among a few mentioned is the Games-to-Teach Project, MITs own project since 2001 which has also developed ‘Replicate’, ‘Biohazard’ and ‘Revolution’.

I think this is a super dooper initiativ and I’m hoping to see more of it!!!!

2 thoughts on “MIT + Microsoft = The love of the game

  1. I wanted to comment your posting, but this super luser interface didn’t help me at all by hiding it while in ‘comment mode’. Hell will probably freeze over, the fat lady will sing, and the USA will be dissolved before we will see designers taking usability seriously.

  2. Dearest anonymous….I hear you! This is a super looser interface and I’ve been meaning to do something about it…but just not there yet. However, if you wish to comment and see what’s in the post, there’s a little blue “Show Original Post” here on the left. And the text will magically appear!I’m not sure I understand you either…cause I feel I see evidence that designers ARE taking usability seriously all the time…so I’m drawing a complete blank to your argument. I’m not sure I understand where you’re coming from.PS.The social techno gods have sent me an angel called i1277, who has generously informed me of how to rid myself of comments containing words like ‘penis enlargement’ – so things will be a bit cleaner from now on – I hope!

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