Objects of virtual desire

Unfortunately I missed the opening of Game Dump on Friday for various reasons. In relation to this I also managed to utter a sentence that I really wanted to share with you: “Urgh! My friends are such nerds, they’re no gamers!”. Yes…these words actually parted from my lips, what on earth has happened to me?
Anyways…I still haven’t had a chance to go and I’m sooooo looking forward to it!!!
On that note, I was blown away by Daniel Pargman, Simon Giddin and Jakob Senneby’s “Problematizing production- Economy and value creation in Second Life”, which was the last presentation at Aesthetics of Play (I will report on this later, but expert blogger Jill Walker has a summary going on, ALREADY!). They introduced this amazing project, Objects of Virtual Desire! They’re actually taking things that are designed in Second Life and making them. Also attaching the stories behind the objects and designers! Absolutely amazing!

I promise to come back with more info about this absolutely amazing conference!! But a hangover (SERIOUSLY! Will I ever learn?!), meeting with advisor tomorrow, a general feeling of “OMG! What was I part of this weekend? Do I understand what’s going on?” and an overhanging feeling of responsibility to report on this at Dagbladet’s spillblogg (yes…the gaming press here in Norway were seduced by some virtual sex bomb that invited them to play the new XBox this weekend and haven’t reported about ANYTHING!) are all contributing to a slight delay!

I will however mention a conversation I had with my lovely conference dinner neighbours, we discussed the title “Aesthetics of Play” – not aesthetics in computer games, but Aesthetics of Play, an excellent title and I think it sums up exactly what was going on! For some bizarre reason, I hadn’t thought about that before.

One thought on “Objects of virtual desire

  1. Hei, tenkte jeg bare skulle si hei og at tingene går relativt bra her på Nordnes :)Ny jobb og mye reising, litt mye stress, menmen.Ha en fin dag hilsen Arild!

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