Yet another great contest!

Water Cooler Games has yet another post on a great new competition:


This one is about creating a flash game where the theme is ‘peace games’. There is also a contest for an animated intro with the theme ‘conflicts, war and peace: solidarity and justice to guarantee human rights and peace’ and an animated short film about ‘conflicts: between the cult of war and the culture of peace’. First prize is 8000 Euros and international, so anyone can submit!

Unfortunately the entries have to be in by November 30th – so I probably noticed this a bit too late. Sorry about that! But maybe be on a look out for it next year!

A great initiative and yet another inspiration as to what we can try and do here in Norway to get the industry going. Hmmm….I’m also thinking that this would be a great inspiration for design classes. Just a thought!

Note: I bought my laptop in August this year and Im wondering…I can’t find the Euro sign anywhere on my keyboard. Is it hidden somewhere? It seems just absolutely ridiculous that it’s not available!

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