Intellectual Property rights invading your privacy

Oh hell! We knew this was coming, didn’t we?!! BBC Technology news has an interesting article (I think I’m becoming a fan) and it all has something to do with Blizzard and a program called The Warden, which is a program to stop World of Warcraft players from running cheat programs while playing.

Greg Hoglund has designed another program called The Governor to keep an eye on what The Warden actually reads from your computer. And to his amazement it read too much.

The EFF (The Electronic Frontier Foundation) has now become involved and have branded The Warden as ‘spyware’. Now, this is all terribly complicated for such a technologically dyslexic non-WOW player as myself, so if I misunderstood something here, I’m terribly sorry!

What I find interesting is that players agree to this in their EULA. But as we all know, no one actually reads those, because if you don’t agree, you can’t play, which is a shame because you’ve already payed to play.

The BBC reporter has obviously toured some of the WoW websites and decides to quote Jason Justice from The Low Red Moon guild; “It is entirely Blizzard’s responsibility to protect their intellectual property and the fairness of the game experience, and if they have code sophisticated enough to detect when a cheater is running illegal programs on their computer, they’re doing a right good job of it.”

Well I disagree!!! I ofcourse support Blizzard of protecting their game from cheats (because I despise them myself), but isn’t this just taking things a bit too far? I mean, am I taking things too far if I say that they’re basically invading my privacy to protect their intellectual property rights?

I don’t know…I always overreact and overdramatise things…but I definately think something EXTREMELY questionable is going on here. And let me put another conspiracy theory in you’re head – could players be supporting Blizzard so well in these forums because they’re scared to tick them off and be thrown out of the game? He he! I really have lost it now haven’t I? Back to work I think!

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