Funcom goes public?

Funcom has put in a request/application to the Norwegian stock market! They feel, quite rightly, that they’ve established themselves enough to go public. It’s a fantastic way for them to gain capital and I wish them the best of luck! They’ve struggled long enough and I admire the way the company’s victoriously conquered a reputation of quality, innovation, creativity and popularity! A true Norwegian success story and definately an inspiration for future entrepreneurs.

Of course as all great companies going public do…Funcom also revealed a little tiny peek into their other project, The World Online – which Christer Aasen at Computer World describes as “Dan Brown’s Da Vinci-code on speed”!

I’m very excited about this! Finally a MMO not involving fantasy or, I’m sorry but over excessive testosterone! I mean, as much as I think Conan looks beautiful and I know Funcom can guarantee spectacular and involving gameplay, it’s just too much testosterone for me. I’ll leave Conan to the ‘real’ fans! But what little we’ve heard of The World Online, sounds like this may include people of all colors and ages AND have intriguing gameplay! heart is pounding with excitement!!¨

Funcom has proven to be one of the most daring and innovative companies in the gaming industry. They were the first to integrate advertising into their online world of Anarchy Online, and they did it in such a classy manner, who can’t respect them? And seriously, if you haven’t played The Longest Journey, have a chat with someone who has, you’ll find that they speak of the game as one of their closest and dearest friends! Seriously…I challenge you to find someone who disliked it!

(Huh….I should work on Funcom’s marketing department shouldn’t I?…he,he…not much objectivity here, sorry about that, but I just can’t help myself!)

2 thoughts on “Funcom goes public?

  1. Nice to hear you liked the game :-) Did you play the norwegian or english version of it? I just had to play through four of them again (norsk, svensk, english, deutsch) and I still think the english is the best. Although the norwegian isn’t so bad either. Hearing Synnøve Svabø as April was fun :-)

  2. I’ve actually only tried the Norwegian version and yeah, Synnøve Svabø is great as April. I might try the English one before Dreamfall comes out, though!!

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