The problems of using propaganda

So…every once in a while I come across a story that has absolutetly nothing to do with gaming or my thesis. I promise to do whatever it is I have to do to get a topics option on this blog during Christmas (why am I always fooled to believing that I have so much time on my hands during the holidays?) so please forgive me if you’re reading my blog for gaming news (ha ha ha! Look at me taking myself seriously!).
This was just too good to keep to myself however.
Apparently there’s a big problem in the US; Americans are buying cheap drugs from Canada. So The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) commissioned an author, Julie Chrystyn, to write a novel to scare off Americans from buying these cheap drugs.
Which ofcourse is hillarious and scary in itself, but when PhRMA read the novel…they felt that they needed to dumb it down so it would appeal to women so they brought in Kevin Spivak, or that’s kinda unfair of me to say it was Chrystyn who asked for his help. But isn’t that kinda funny? A woman writes the novel, is told she needs to dumb it down so women will like it and for that they needed a man? I find that charming and humorous!
Anyways, it’s all gone down the drain but I thought it was interesting. Found it at Stay Free! so drop by there if you want to read more!

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