Banning Counterstrike

According to Deutche Welle, Germany’s been itching to ban Counter Strike ever since the Erfurt school shooting incident, but that’s virtually (don’t you just love how this word has double meanings, now?!) impossible.
The article mentions that Andreas Scheuer, a member of parliament for the conservative Christian Social Union, has proclaimed that “…parents should take responsibility for the games their children play, but that the government should do its bit to help less media-competent adults by introducing a “complete ban”. “
Of course this raises oppsition from the industry a.s.o.
I’m not very familiar with German government so I was a bit suprised when I the article states that Mr. Scheuer is “in charge of youth protection”. Does this mean he’s a minister of youth protection? I’m not sure I understand what his responsibility really is. To protect all of Germany’s youths? Or just specifically against media? Hmmm…definately something I have to read up on sometime.
I really don’t like it when people start using the word ‘ban’ around games. I suppose I feel offended and well…scared. Before they banned books, now they’ll ban games? And, I’m sorry, but is there some massive outbreak of kids going around with machine guns killing people that I’ve missed? Isn’t crime amongst youths actually lower than it’s been for a while? Maybe I’m just being naiv and ignorant here, but is there really a big problem of violence that’s spurred from computer games?

2 thoughts on “Banning Counterstrike

  1. I still think the problem is mostly that parents don’t pay attention to what their kids play. And there’s peer pressure among kids to play those games that are (appropriately, in my opinion) labeled 16+ or Mature. Counterstrike isn’t the problem, but 12 year olds playing it as their main form of recreation is.

  2. I agree. But I have to say, I’m more worried about 12 year olds playing Habbo Hotel 3 hours a day without parental supervision than the one playing Counter Strike!

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