Games a form for protest

The recent release of The Movies game was spawned some absolutely fabulous short movies (because we can’t really call them Machinima, can we?).
But I was specially touched by Koulamata’s The French Democracy. It’s a great movie about the recent riots in France. What a brilliant way of getting your point across! But as Water Cooler Games reports, it is rather amusing seeing the American flag hanging around everywhere.
I really need to get my hands on this game.
I’m wondering what the gameplay is about? What is it really that makes this a game?
Will ofcourse have to have a good look at the property rights issue here, as well! But I’ve been up all night and the old braincells aren’t working as they should, Clickable Culture is ofcourse already on the case!!
I’m sitting here also pondering on what restrictions there might be, there are bound to be many, but is it possible to burn the American flag for example?

One thought on “Games a form for protest

  1. I haven’t played it, but as far as I understand the actual game is about running a movie studio where you handle investments, compete with other studios, find actors and scripts and so on.

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