Game spamming

Well…I suppose it’s old news really, but Castronova reports that he received his first spam in WoW over at Terra Nova. The comments are flowing in on others’ experiences with advertising via spam in MMOs, it’s interesting. As a TSO’er I’ve encountered it several times before, but always for in-game sales or businesses, never for something from the ‘outside’ world. I wonder if this is going to catch on and if they’re going to have to design some form of filtering system for this. Or maybe spamming is a cause for expulsion…hmmm…will have to check EULAs!

One thought on “Game spamming

  1. In World of Warcraft, players can mute others. Not sure if this is permanent or just for a particular session. Most social games I’ve played feature some sort of mute or ignore function. I suppose designers will have to ramp up protection methods if spam becomes a major problem, but it’s pretty well covered currently–if not by the game mechanics, then by angry players :)

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