Discrimination in World of Warcraft

Well this certainly is interesting!!! Apparently non-english World of Warcraft players are being discriminated against! Jepp! In order to join a guild, several players are demanding one or two gramatically correct English sentences. If the player fails, they’re shunned and rejected. It all started as an attempt to block out gold farmers, but this happened in the most discriminating manner! the ‘campaign’ assumed that all gold farmers were indeed ‘foreigners’ (what a laugh!)! I’ve often seen racism, sexism and any other form of discrimination in MMORPGs but I have to say…this is the first time I’ve heard of it being completely organised! Hmmm…

Thanks to Game Tycoon for making me aware of this.

2 thoughts on “Discrimination in World of Warcraft

  1. Well..I *hate* playing with people who are unable to communicate in intelligble english. People gibbering in public channels in german, japaneese, gekeese or whatnot are worthy of a bullet in the brain. Not guild membership.

  2. Right! Well…I’ve always thought it was rude not to speak English in the public channels…but I have to admit, when I once in a blue moon met a Norwegian I had a lot of fun speaking in Norwegian! I suppose the argument here is more on the ‘lousy English’ side, not the foreign language thing. Anyways…after speaking my mind way too quickly AGAIN (SERIOUSLY!!! WILL I EVER FREAKIN’ LEARN), I’ve investigated a little into the matter…and well…it realy looks to be a bogus press release from World of Warcraft Gold! Throw in the words discrimination and World of Warcraft, and you’ll automatically get a bunch of publisity. Argh…and I bought it! Right…I’m off to explain myself and prove once and for all that I’m an idiot on another RESPECTED blog! Whoever said that spontaneity and blogging was a good idea? No one?!

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