Ramblings of a mad woman!

Well now…I’m sitting here at the university late, because I really don’t want to go home and feel like I haven’t done anyhing usefull, today as well!!! Other than making more sense out of Castronova’s and Burke’s arguments on governmentality within MMORPGs, I really don’t think I’ve done too much! I’ve written about 5 sentences…yeeehaa!! But it’s good to feel comfortable about the stuff I’ve read…it’s just…well…that’s not the chapter I’m working on, you know! Jepp! I’m completely stuck in that ‘is it a game, what is a game, is it a playground, what is a playground, can a playground have gameplay and not a game?’…finding my own definitions is the WORST! But I know as soon as I get through this crappy thing…I can move on with vigour (at least I hope so)! So…after telling you what a completely awful and unconstructive student I am, let me introduce you to what I’m doing right now!
I stopped by Guru Lessig’s blog and was introduced to yet another side track of entertainment! First off this wonderful film ‘Cease-and-desist’ – a humorous insight into IP copyright law and how ridiculous it has become.
And then the ANIME videos!! They’re soooooo sweet and soooooo emotional!! I don’t understand half of what they’re supposed to mean…but I’m definately feeling something watching them! Anyways….better than sitting here trying to figure out how gameplay is different from play if I’m saying that it can exist without a gaming frame, narrative or form or magic circle thingie! Time to go home, I think!!!

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