Shame on you for encouraging modding!

Umh…ok! I vowed never to blogg about Hot Coffe again, but this is just too bizarre!! So Take-Two is yet again being sued. This time by The city of Los Angeles “for selling pornographic video games to childen with its best-selling game “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas,” which last year was found to have hidden sex scenes.” Which is just so incredibly silly, in my opinion! The game was rated for 17+, so I don’t understand the whole kids scenario…but I think that’s an American thing and I’m really not going to bother getting into the whole thing here. But I will however say that Take-Two has just been really incredibly stupid, I’ll save my opinions on this for another date, however. But listen to this:

  • “The lawsuit asks that Take-Two “marketed the ‘Grand Theft Auto’ series in a fashion that encourages the creation of (software modifications), which has added to the counter-culture image of the games, enhancing their popularity and hence their profitability.”” (Reuters)

WTF!!!!! Seriously? Are these grounds for a lawsuit? First of all they mention modding as a bad thing, which I actually do understand that game producers have a problem with (you know, the whole copyright blah blah) BUT A CITY?!!!! I don’t know if Take-Two did this all as a deliberate marketing tool, or not…but jeez! How ridiculous can you get? Clickable Culture’s wonderfully brilliant Mr. Walsh states it best, when he writes:

I seriously don’t understand what’s going on over there! I’m sure they’ve all gone mad…either that, or I’m just not understanding this correctly!

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