Censoring our words!

Oh that’s just it! I’ve had it! I think American corporations are way too influenced by Bushism and things are about to get seriously out-of-hand!
Cory Doctorow is being threatened by a law suit for writing about “an anti-copying program that some games covertly install” called Starforce. I mean the wording is just…wow! “Your article violates approximately 11 international laws. Our US lawyer will contact you shortly. I have also contacted the FBI, because what you are doing is harassment.”


And then there’s Water Cooler Games, which has been contacted by the Virtual Magic Kingdom Community Operations Manager and asked to ‘hide or otherwise remove offending posts, as they contain falsehoods that are derogatory to VMK and provide false information” – and she clearly references comments to a previous WCGs post. Rude and pathetic, if you ask me! I mean…


And then, slowpoke that I am, I learned about the MySpace incident today! Which I still don’t fully understand…but I’ll give you with the comments that steered me in it’s direction, from Lawrence Lessig’s visit to Second Life:
“Think about the story from MySpace. Owned by Murdoch. When people would chat in MySpace about YouTube (which is a very very cool video site), the machine would block the chats. That’s “freedom” in Murdoch land”

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