Awww…the pain!! The pain! Austin is just THE PLACE TO BE March 10-19! The SXSW interactive is just looking better and better and oh how I wish I could be there!!!

Oh to be a millionaire student!!! Ofcourse I’d never really finish my thesis if I were to go to all the conferences I wanted!

But yeah…there’s a whole SXSW music festival going on the same week as well!
The truely marvelous The Real Ones will be playing! I recommend all you lucky people attending to check them out! I completely understand the ‘finding the time’ issue this week, but I don’t feel sorry for you! Take the time for these wonderful musicians, you definately won’t regret it! And it will give me some strange piece of comfort to think of Burnie Burns, Danah Boyd, Peter Ludlow, Mark Wallace and Tony Walsh jumping up and down in musical ecstacy to Bergen‘s musical heroes!

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