Funcom stock up 30%

And rightly so, in my opinion! Good for them! But, I mean, seriously…is there any doubt that it will continue to rise? I mean…Dreamfall and Age of Conan right around the corner!

Today, Funcom’s stock has doubled it’s value since they first went public! If I had money, I’d invest!

I found all this in Dagens Næringsliv (Norwegian Financial Times) who has a very peculiar article about this. They’ve quoted a stock analyst, roughly translated it says:
“The company is releasing “Dungeons and Dragons” already, and this should give a good indication of how much these types of games will attract. I think it’s much higher than what we’ve predicted” – Ole André Hagen from ABG Sundal Collier.

Now…I think it’s only really badly written! I don’t think he meant to say that Funcom’s releasing Dungeons and Dragons (extremely charming NYT article about Turbine’s attempts to bring the gameplay joy from the original D&D to MMORPG form) – I think he just meant to say that it’s coming out now and it will indicate how well Age of Conan will do!

I think they’ll blow everyone out of the water with Age of Conan. I’m excited to see what it’s going to do to World of Warcraft, though! I mean…do you want to be playing two MMORPGs at once? I’ve done it and it’s very confusing and you definately will suffer a painfull social death (not counting the MMORPG sociability of course!). So…is Age of Conan going to steal players from World of Warcraft or are even more people going to start playing? It’s very exciting to see what’s going to happen in the future with MMORPGs!

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