An encyclopedia of non-violent conflict?

So…there’s a new game out called “A Force More Powerful – the game of nonviolent strategy”. I applaud the idea, I really do! At the same time though…it kinda scares me.

  • “A Force More Powerful is the first and only game to teach the waging of conflict using nonviolent methods. Destined for use by activists and leaders of nonviolent resistance and opposition movements, the game will also educate the media and general public on the potential of nonviolent action and serve as a simulation tool for academic studies of nonviolent resistance”

I definitely think this is something cool for the ‘comparative politics’ (direct translation) department at my university to have a look at! I suppose my wariness of it comes from the fact that it’s American, which is really unfair of me! But when it comes to serious games like this, it’s very important that the AI is ‘realistic’ and not trying to enforce a certain belief or theory and well…I’m not too happy with the American’s methods these past few years. Am I completely off base here? Probably. Before I can even consider this I really should have a closer look and see who’s involved with the scenario design a.s.o. before I voice an opinion! And of course play the game! Hhhmmm…maybe I should send a mail to our local Amnesty International as well?

Great initiative either way!! I’ll have to have a closer look at it soon!

Promo video link.

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