The future’s sooooo bright!

Awww…Will Wright is just such a gaming romantic!!!
He’s co-editor of Wired this month and has such a touching article ” Dream Machines”

Some great statements:

  • “It turns out that we don’t use computers to enhance our math skills – we use them to expand our people skills.”
  • “Games are evolving to entertain, educate, and engage us individually. These personalized games will reflect who we are and what we enjoy, much as our choice of books and music does now. They will allow us to express ourselves, meet others, and create things that we can only dimly imagine. They will enable us to share and combine these creations, to build vast playgrounds. And more than ever, games will be a visible, external amplification of the human imagination”.

Awww…well all I can say is “Skål!”

Which reminds me, if you haven’t seen this yet, OMG this is just – Amazing(I guess I just presume that EVERYONE is a Boing Boing reader):


GameSpy‘s Miguel Lopez has a genius idea for an MMO!

  • “Basically, imagine a game in which you could have anything fight against anything. You could pick, say, a Tyrannosaurus Rex, and put it up against an F-14 Tomcat. Or you could pit a Doom-style space marine against a group of twenty robot dogs. Or the 1981 Miami Dolphins versus Rambo riding on the back of a Dewback from Star Wars armed with Excalibur. You get the picture. Anything is possible. You know those heated discussions you had with your friends in elementary school phys. ed. about who was stronger, Wolverine, or a ninja? This is pretty much a game about those conversations”

Yeah!!! I’ve often thought that it would be incredibly cool for some form of e-game tournament where SWG guilds (sorry…they’re not called guilds are they?) would compete against WoW guilds! The battle of the MMOGs! Wouldn’t that be incredibly cool?!!

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