As if I didn’t have enough to read, the scrumptiously gorgeous Marve led me to this interesting place:


It’s truely fascinating! I’ve been trying to get my head around the whole blog to give a summary here – but there’s just too much interesting to report!

I mean, there’s a great post about a collaborative Packman game!

There’s a fascinating piece on computer games and animals! I have plans of following each link to this during the course of the day! Absolutely fascinating projects, and well…kinda weird, really!!

And then there’s this ‘Net-art wrestling match’ (picture)

And all this in just one day!!!!! I wonder what lies beyond?!! Definitely looking forward to digging deeper into it!

Oh…and PS:

I saw someone reading ‘Theory of Fun’ at our department yesterday! Yippi!!!

Oooh…and I’m kinda wondering…do you think there’s much truth in Kotaku’s rumours that Raph Koster is quiting SOE and starting his own studio? That would be cool – but I guess it’s also doom for Star Wars Galaxies. Oh dear!

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