Hamar Game Challenge 2006

It’s so lovely reading about this initiativ!!! On the 20th of April there’s something called Hamar Game Challenge 2006!

“The group with the most innovative and best game idea wins. But it’s not enough to have a new and excellent idea. The panel evaluates the ideas based on many factors. How did the group present the game? What is the sale potential if the game gets published? What about the technology behind the game – is it good enough? And do the members of the group have enough technical knowledge to make the game?

This and more will be looked at in detail. The winner(s) will get a paid trip to E3 in Los Angeles, 6 months free office-space, and help with all business aspects from Gründerhuset.”

The catch is that only 2nd and 3rd year students at Hedmark College can submit game ideas. But I’d really like to go and see what they come up with!!

But I have to wonder….are we putting too much pressure on future game designers to produce sellable products? Shouldn’t we allow them to explore their ideas and their creativity in peace? And also – what if you design the best game, but you’re not exactly the most charismatic person who can sell ideas? Are we really expecting all game designers to be wonderful sales people as well? Don’t we have enough of those around to borrow a few?

It’s a great initiative! I guess I’m only ticked off that we couldn’t have made a ‘national’ thing out of this! Made it a real IGDA event somehow!!!

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