I suppose deep down inside I knew it was coming, but now that it’s here I’m kinda freaked out!

So my new word for the day: Blogject.

And here’s the Xbox360 Blogject! It’s basically ‘blogging’ your gameplay on the Xbox 360 – gathering your data and putting out a mix of words that really freak me out:

(I am an Xbox 360, and I can talk)
Owner: lil haf dead
lil haf dead showed up yesterday ready to dominate. Total gamer score stands at 660. That is a gain of 10 points over last time! He played Tiger Woods PGA TOUR06, Perfect Dark Zero gaining 1 achievement, and did it while drooling over my awesome graphics and sound.

Maybe I’m not ready for this type of thing just yet!

I suppose I agree with Clickable Culture really: “The end result is that the Xbox 360 develops a designed personality. While the console currently appears to be rather peppy. I’d rather see an enraged, depressed, or paranoid console”

I suppose I’m more for leaving personality out all together! I mean doesn’t playtime, scores and game preferences speak for themselves? But I suppose if they absolutely HAVE to do this, why oh why does it have to be the chirpiness equivelent to those always enthusiastic hardcore aerobic instructors? Freaks me out really!

3 thoughts on “Blogject

  1. I’d actually like to see the damn thing comment on the content you’ve played also. Combined with different moods or personalites, it could be a blast.Just imagine the output from a rude xbox, having a bad day, after you figured out how to unlock a Hot, Hot Coffee-ish patch for Generic Xbox 360 Game IV?Now *thats* what I’d like to see..

  2. Hei hei, fann jo ut at eg og kan blogga te deg..da va ikkje verst…! No foarstaar eg abseloutt ingen verdens ting av spel/data debatten paa sida di, men eg skal love deg aa sette av eit par aar av livet mitt til dette feltet slik at me i 2008 kan ha ein konstruktiv debatt vedr tema…! Har du faat postkort? Huska ikkej navnet paa gata di…eller nummer…men sandviken skulle vera rett…nokon krav maa ein jo kunne sette til det kongelege norske postvesen…!Haapar du har straalande dagar og at du gledar deg til eg kjem heim:-) Vert jo ein maanads mellomlanding, men eg satsar paa at du og Nilsen og alle andre kjem ofte til hovudstaden…om ikkje kjem eg til Bergen …>!Klem fraa Andre

  3. André: Neimenn så hyggelig!!! Da skal jeg begynne å sjekke postkassen min igjen (er litt stappfull med ubetalte regninger)!! Du er sterkt savnet! Og det er gruefullt å tenke på at du reiser igjen om en måned!! Men snadder å se deg blogge, vennen min!!! Flinking!! ;) Gleder meg til å se både deg og Lasse (hunden til André)!!Laserlasse: Nooooo!!! That’s just scary!! I really don’t want to play with a machine that’s going to scold me for unlocking codes that were already there! I don’t want it to be nice to me either – that may freak me out even more! Sure! Would be amusing to ‘witness’ – but no no!!! Although I have to say, keeping tabs on whatmods my co-players are using or codes they’re onlocking! But not from an emotional machine – that’s just too Hal for me!

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