Things to say on a bland day!

I`m in one of those moods where absolutely everything is boring today! You know the feeling? Life is just kinda bland today!

So I wasn’t suprised when I just wasn’t impressed by’s pop-up World of Warcraft video. It was ok, don’t get me wrong…but it could’ve been much better!

Although, in this state of boringness my mind fixated on one fact. According to this video, 16 percent of the way over 6 million subscribers, are women! Which I thought was rather odd, because 80 % of the WoW players I know, are women! Bizarre isn’t it? Ofcourse now I’m not counting those who’ve quit playing the game because it was too addictive! Which led my mind onto another thing! A few months ago, a friend of mine was complaining about a personal problem! He had moved into his girlfriends flat and felt that he had no space of his own! It was becoming quite a strain on their lovelife and he was considering giving the whole thing up. And what do I suggest? “You know, you should start playing a MMORPG! That will give you some space and time to yourself! You’ll be able to completely relax while she’s sitting on the coach watching tv!”.
Turns out, he started playing WoW, loves it and even better, they’re both incredibly happy and loving their life together!! Now…the satisfaction of giving sound love advice is satisfactory in itself, but it being bringing gaming into the relationship and it actually working? That’s just… Man!! I’m good! He he!!

2 thoughts on “Things to say on a bland day!

  1. haha u seriously need a job man i agree ur topic is sexas against women i mean cmon u need a job ur pasthetic

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