Oblivion rated Mature

Ok – I’m all for video games getting an age rating and that kids need to be that age in order to buy the game! I’m all for that, really! But when stuff like this happens, I get outraged!

According to the Washington Post the ESRB has now changed the rating of Oblivion; The Elder Scrolls to Mature which means: “suitable for persons ages 17 and older. Titles in this category may contain intense violence, blood and gore, sexual content and/or strong language”.

Isn’t that a bit extreme?

And it also seems like they’re blaming Bethesda for the nude patches created by the gamers themselves! That’s just ridiculous! I actually do understand that hidden sex games is a problem, but when gamers themselves are creating stuff – it’s just wrong to blame the game developers! Shame on them for inspiring creativity!

Where would technology be today without the wonderful creativity of horny geeks?

Update: Guilded Lillies knows far better than I what this is all about! They give a great account about what this is all about! I still think the ESRB is overreacting, but I also agree that Bethesda should know better after the Hot Coffee incident and I’m not comfortable with them using words like ‘hackers’.
It seems like the discussion has focused on the modding and not the ‘blood and gore’ dilemma. I would love to find out what ‘blood and gore’ was presented to the ESRB and what they’ve now recently found that’s offensive. And if the problem truely is the nude modding, should the X-Box version of the game not stay on Teen as there are no modding capabilities there?

One thought on “Oblivion rated Mature

  1. So what if there are female nippletextures. What I’d like to know is WHEN WILL SOMEONE HANDLE THE MALE NIPPLE ISSUE?!?! It is horrible to expose our children to the naked form of the male upper torso with the useless filthy nipples. The female nipple at least has a function, while the male is just foul sexual pervertion! Give the game an M rating, but do it because is has all those male nipples. And make the shirt molded into the mesh so this obscenity will end once and for all.Seriously though:I still find it amusing how an entire nation can be so afraid of womens breasts.The tortured corpses didn’t give this game an M rating, but nipples do? Weirdness.

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